How to Use the Email Archive

The following steps detail how to create a Message Group (used for categorizing emails sent from your website) as well as adding to the Mail Archive.

From the Sent Messages, click on Related on the upper-right menu:
Upon clicking Related, note the right column for Codes Maintenance.  Click on Mail Groups:
To create a new Group, enter in a corresponding New Code as well as New Desc and then click Add Code:
Once added, the new group will appear in the list:
When viewing the list of Sent Messages, there are two ways to add an e-email to the Mail Archive.  The first option is clicking the Show in Archive checkbox, which will automatically display in Mail Archive on website:
However, to categorize or Group the e-mail, click on the Edit EMail link:
Choose the Msg Group and then make sure to select Available in Archive found under the Msg Archive Type.  When finished, make sure to click Save at the top of the screen:
The Email Archive displays all messages that were flagged to be shown in the archive:
Since a Mail Group was selected in addition to the Show in Archive, the message now appears in the archive under the appropriate category: