How to Send Billing to POS

This is the last article in a series on how to setup billing for your events. To return to the index, click here »

Once your event has ended, you can quickly send your billing data to POS for processing using our Billing Integration utility, which allows you to open, view, edit, and close chits relating to the event.

On your desktop, click on the MembersFirst Billing Integration utility. MembersFirst Billing Integration Utility
Enter your MRM credentials on the Login screen and click Login. Login
Select the date of the event using the Select Date date picker. Pick Date
Select the name of your event from the Select Event drop down menu. Select Event
The list will auto populate with the attendees you checked into the event and are ready to be billed. Flag the Process check box next to the member you wish to bill or flag Select All if you wish to process all the charges at once. Process Billing
Click Quick Mem Charge on the chit page to add the charges to the member’s account. The window will close and return you to the event billing page where you can process the next member or guest. If you selected all members on the previous screen, closing one chit will automatically open the next chit until all chits closed. Add Charges to Member Account