How to Organize Your Website Content

Seeking to organize your website's content in a clean and efficient manner? Look no further. A few minutes spent following the tips below will save you time throughout the year searching for your content. Below are some great ways you can keep your site organized!


To keep your website less crowded and confusing, you can purge old images, files and documents you don't plan to use again. Instructions Here: Remove Outdated Content from Your Website

Document Library

If you haven't already organized your documents (such as Board Minutes, President's letters, etc.) by year posted, now is a great time to do it. These links will show you how: Document Library Type | Document Library Sub-Type

Email Archive

Are you using our Email Archive to give members quick access to past emails? You can use our Mail Groups to organize the archive. Instructions here: Email Archive

File Library

You can also organize your PDF's (like newsletters) by type and/or year. Learn how here: File Library Groups | File Library Sub-Groups

Image Albums

To make it easier for members to find specific items, you can organize your Image Albums chronologically or by department. Here are the instructions: Image Album Groups

Image Library

Don't let your Image Library get out of hand. Using the year in your folder names keeps information together and makes it easier to purge old images down the road. Learn how to create and rename image folders here: Image Library Folders

Personnel Directory

Organizing your staff by department makes it easier for members to find a specific person. Learn more here: Club Departments