Product Highlight - November 2021

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Highlight Tee Time Reservations Booked Day Of

The admin tee sheet now highlights tee time reservations booked day of by members and admins. There are two settings available that, when activated, will display a silhouette plus sign icon next to the player's name for reservations booked on the current calendar day.


Setting option one displays the icon on any tee time booked on the current calendar day.


Additionally, if the user hovers overs the icon the time stamp of when the tee time was booked displays.


The second configurable setting allow admins to customize the number of hours to look back from the current time to display the icon on tee times booked on the current calendar day. Only tee times booked with a time stamp that falls within this window will display the icon.

In the screenshot below the tee times from 9:52 - 10:24 were all booked day of, but the custom time frame to display the icon is set to one (1) hour. Therefore, only those tee times booked within 1 hour of the current time display the icon.


This admin tee sheet feature is now available. Please contact Tee Time Support to activate these settings.

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