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Privacy Policy Generator

Searches similar to this one can assist you with some resources to help create your own organization-specific policy; however, contacting your organization’s legal counsel is always recommended.

Key Topics (to Name a Few…)

Below is a list of topics you may want to include in your privacy policy. This is only a starting point, as you will need to research all relevant information for your organization.

What information does your website collect?

You might want to outline the personal information you store in your various databases, such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Specific Custom Information
  • Etc.

What types of cookies or tracking technologies are used on your website?

How do you use the collected information?

You will want to outline all the ways your organization uses collected information, such as:

  • Marketing and promotional communications
  • Administrative information
  • Delivering targeted advertising
  • Requesting feedback
  • To enable user-­to­-user communications
  • To enforce terms, conditions and policies
  • To respond to legal requests and prevent harm
  • For other business purposes
    • Data analysis
    • Identifying usage trends
    • Determining the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and to evaluate and improve products and services
  • Etc.

Do you collect information from minors?

You might want to highlight if you are collecting information for any minors (under the age of 18) if you store their information in your organization's database.

How long do you keep collected information?

Do you keep collected information forever or delete/anonymize after a certain time period?

Do you share collected information with anyone outside of your business?

If applicable, you will want to highlight the fact your website uses Single Sign On’s (SSO) to other vendors, such as:

  • Online Statement Providers
    • MembersFirst, Jonas (Clubhouse Online, Club Systems Group), Northstar, Clubessential, ClubTech, IBS, Etc.
  • Tee Time Solutions
    • MembersFirst, Jonas, Foretees, EZLinks, Chelsea, Etc.
  • Other Various Tools
    • MembersFirst, Golf Genius, EventMan, Tennis Bookings, Club Dining, Google Analytics,  HubSpot, etc.
  • Google Maps
    • Google Maps APIs Terms of Service can be found here. To better understand Google’s Privacy Policy, please refer to this link. By our Maps API Implementation, you agree to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service.

If you are not sure of the other outlets your website currently connects with, please reach out to your CSM.