About Your MembersFirst Website

Server Hosting/Data Storage

MembersFirst’s Data Center is located in Boston, MA

Does my MembersFirst website have an active SSL certificate?

This is determined by looking for a lock icon and/or https listed at the beginning of your URL.

Does my MembersFirst website automatically collect data?

We collect information automatically when individuals visit, use or navigate to your MembersFirst website  This information does not reveal identity (like end-user name or contact information) but may include device and usage information, such as IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, referring URLs, device name, country, location, information about how and when they used your MembersFirst website and other technical information. This information is primarily needed to maintain the security and operation of our websites, and for our internal analytics and reporting purposes.

What tools does my MembersFirst website use?

Below is a list of tools that most of our clients utilize on their MembersFirst websites or will utilize in the future. We recommend including these items in your privacy policy in order to be covered and not have to revisit/update your policy as frequently.

We have categorized each party so that you may easily understand the purpose of the potential of data collection and processing practices.

Advertising, Direct Marketing, and Lead Generation

  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Lead Management

Website Tracking

  • Web and Mobile Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics for Firebase
    • HubSpot Analytics
    • Facebook Analytics
    • Google Ads
  • Tracking Technologies
    • Cookies
    • Beacons
    • Google Maps APIs

Content Optimization

  • Fonts.com
  • Adobe Web Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • MyFonts
  • Typekit
  • Gravatar
  • Google Calendar widget
  • YouTube Video embed
  • Vimeo Video
  • Facebook embed
  • Twitter embed
  • Instagram embed
  • Pinterest embed
  • Wufoo Form Embed

Functionality and Infrastructure Optimization

  • Firebase

Remarketing Platforms

  • Google Ads Remarketing
  • Facebook Remarketing

Social Media Sharing & Advertising

  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook social plugins
  • Twitter social plugins
  • Instagram advertising
  • Shareaholic