How to Use Message Groups When Sending Emails


Message Groups give members the option to opt out of certain categories of emails, as opposed to all emails sent by the club. This offers more flexibility and decreases the likelihood that members will decline all communication.

If you are interested in enabling this feature, first think through the various emails your club sends. For example:

  • General Club Announcements
  • Dining & Social
  • Fitness
  • Golf
  • Junior Activities
  • Tennis

Once you have determined the categories, you will need to set them up on the website.

Log into Admin Home on your club's website.
Click on Communications in the Applications box, then click on New Message.

From here, click Related.

Next, in the Codes Maintenance box, click on Mail Groups.

To create each Mail Group, fill in the following information:

  1. New Code: This is a short (internal-only) description of the category. It should be only a few letters, with no spaces or special characters.
  2. New Desc: This is the full description of your category.
  3. Display Seq: This determines where the category you've created will appear in the list. To make your list alphabetical, all Display Sequence numbers can be 0.

Click Add Code. Repeat for each Mail Group (category) you need to add.

Once you have set up each category, contact your Client Services Manager to enable opt-outs by mailing group.

Once the feature is enabled, when creating a new email you should follow the same steps you have in the past. Further instructions on this topic are available here.

When sending the final email, select the recipients the same way you normally do. Then, in the Send Message tab select the appropriate Message Group from the dropdown. This will automatically remove anyone who has opted out of that specific Mail Group.

Send the email.

Note: If you do not select a Mail Group, the email will not send and you will see the following message: "You must select a Mail Message Group in order to properly identify the Opt Outs."

Members can opt themselves out of various groups by clicking on the Click Here to Stop Future Mailings link at the bottom of any email from the club.

Then, from the Opt Out page, he/she should check off the groups he/she does not want to receive email from, then click Add to Opt Out List.