How to Upload Multiple Images at the Same Time

Before using the multi-image uploader, check the following:

  1. All of the images are in one folder on your computer.
  2. The image names do not contain special characters (periods, commas, !@#$%, etc.)
  3. The file size of each image is less than 3.07 megabytes.
  4. Each image name is unique. If you are uploading images for an album, we recommend using ###_AlbumName for the names (ex. 001_Easter2016, 002_Easter2016, 003_Easter2016...)
Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Storage Libraries in the Applications box, then click on Image Library.
Click a folder from the list under Select Folder to choose which folder the images will be stored in.
You can change the destination later in the process.
Click Upload Multiple Files.
Click Select in the Multi File Upload box.
Open the folder that contains the images you want to upload and highlight the images.  
Click Open.
The images should appear with green circles beside them. If an image has a red circle, then it is likely too large and you will have to start the process over again.
You can click Remove next to an image to remove it from the upload.
Use the Image Resize dropdown menu to select the standardized width for all images you are uploading.
Select Do Not Resize if you are happy with the current size of the images.
The Load to Folder dropdown menu controls which Image Library folder the images will be loaded into. The folder you selected in Step 3 will be selected by default.
If you want to upload the images to a different folder, then change this selection.
Optional: Use the Image Type dropdown menu to organize the type of images on the admin side of your site.
You can select Use File Name as Image Name to preserve the original file names in the Image Library or you can select Use Image Name Prefix and type in a unique name to use as a prefix (e.g. Golf) and the image names will be renamed with the prefix and a number, ex: 'Golf01', 'Golf02' and so on)
If you have already renamed the images using the format provided in the list at the beginning of this page, then select Use File Name as Image Name.
Click Save Files.
When processing is complete, you will see a message that reads "Images optimized successfully". You can click Return to Image Library to go back to the Image Library or click Upload more files to upload another batch of images.