How to Enable the "Hidden from Directory" Flag

Administrators can enable the option to hide members in the Member Directory.

To enable, go to the Admin Home page and find the applications box for Advanced Configuration and choose General Site Config.

From the drop down menu, select Member Directory.

Scroll down to the Member Profile Visible Options.

There are two options for hiding the member's profile in the member directory.
  1. Use option to allow Members to be hidden in the Member Directory
    This will empower the member to set the hidden flag in their member preferences
  2. Allow users to set the Hidden Directory Flag
    This allows for administrator to hide the member's profile from the admin side.  
    Note: that this must be in enabled should the administrator wish to allow members to set the hidden flag.
  3. Allow users to hide certain fields (email, phone, addr. etc.) from their Member Directory profile

Once enabled, go to the member's profile in the directory.   From the General tab, note the section in the right column for Member Directory Options. There is a checkbox for Hide user in Directory.