How to Add an Automatic Follow Up Email to a Marketing Request Form

This article will take you through the steps of adding an Automatic Follow Up Email to an existing Marketing Request Form. Upon a User completing a request form on your website, they will then receive a custom email from the Club.

For instructions on how to create a new Marketing Request Form, please review the following Learning Center Article - How to Create a Marketing Request Form.

Log into Admin Home
Click on Main Club Configuration in the Applications box, then click on Marketing Request Forms
You will now see all the Marketing Request Forms your club has in your system. From here, choose the form you would like to add a Thank You Page to.
Upon opening the Marketing Request Form, click into the General tab
In the Contact Information section, enter in an email address if someone at the club should be receiving an automatic copy of submissions, if not- leave this blank. However, you MUST check the box for “Send copy of Email to Submittor” This enables the Auto Follow Up Email feature for the form.
Click the Display tab. In order to bypass the standard process & enable a Follow Up email to be cretaed, uncheck the Use Standard Submit Process box.
Click the Email tab. This is where you will enter the custom email.
Disregard the Standard Email section (you will not need to use this).
In the Submittor Email section:
  • Check off Use Custom Format box
  • Enter a From Name, this will be the “Name” that appears as who the email is coming from
  • Enter a Reply-To Address, an email used if a user replies to the Follow Up Email
  • Enter a Subject Line
  • Choose an option for Body Type. There is the option to have simple Text, or to enter HTML
  • Enter the Body Text of your Email in the corresponding box
Click Save & Close at the top of the page