How to Add a Thank You/Submission Page to a Marketing Request Form

This article will take you through the steps of adding a Thank You Page/ Submission Page to an existing Marketing Request Form. A User will be taken to this page upon the completion of a request form on the website.

For instructions on how to create a new Marketing Request Form, please review the following Learning Center Article - How to Create a Marketing Request Form.

Log into Admin Home
Click on Main Club Configuration in the Applications box, then click on Marketing Request Forms
You will now see all the Marketing Request Forms your club has in your system. From here, choose the form you would like to add a Thank You Page to.
Click the Display tab. In order to enter a custom message that users will see after submitting the form, uncheck the Use Standard Submit Process box.
Next, click the Submit tab.
Enter text in the Editor for your Thank You Page/Submission Page
Click Save & Close at the top of the page to save your Submission Page.