Lottery End of Day

Lottery End of Day allows you to search existing event lotteries as well as view and manage their respective lottery statuses. More importantly though, if your lottery is using a Lottery Profile with point assignments for Points if Played and/or Points for No Show, then this is where you will apply and finalize these additional points to members.

To access the Lottery End of Day, go to Lottery Center and select Lottery End of Day.


1) Use the date spans to search event lotteries. All results will display below in the Results section.

2) Each Lottery Group listed in the results displays with their current status: 

  • Run - lottery is still open / accepting entries.
    • Clicking on Run will close lottery and auto-place entries into tee times on admin tee sheet.
    • If you want to manually place entries, navigate back to the block created for the lottery and use the Move Players to Unassigned button to clear times.
  • Accept / Reopen - lottery is closed and has been run, but not accepted.
    • Click on Accept if entries are posted to the admin tee sheet and final. Upon accepting, tee times will post to the member tee sheet. 
    • Click on Reopen if you would like to open the lottery again and allow new entries.
  • Unaccept / End of Day - lottery has been accepted and tee times posted to the member tee sheet.
    • Click Unaccept to remove posted tee times from the member tee sheet. Unaccepting allows the admin to manage the existing entries, but no new entries can be made by members.
    • Click on End of Day to apply any Points if Played and/or Points for No Show. These point types are set up in your Enhanced Lottery Profile. Click here for the tutorial on assigning points to the profile.
  • Reopen End of Day - any End of Day points have been processed and applied to members.