SnapWidget - Instagram Widget

In order to show a seamless and fully functional Instagram widget on your website, MembersFirst works with SnapWidget. SnapWidget allows us to use a fully-supported framework that securely authenticates with your Instagram account to show the latest images from your Instagram account right within your website. This Instagram feed is very flexible and can be styled to fit into your website's design.

Authenticating Your Widget

When MembersFirst creates a new Instagram Widget for you the widget must be authenticated. In order to authenticate, MembersFirst will send an email to the address tied to the Instagram account that contains a link which you must click on, and then login to Instagram with. Once complete, the widget is considered authenticated and will show as such in the MembersFirst dashboard.

Note: It's important that you log in to your Instagram account using the correct business account and not a personal account.

Showing "Likes"/Comments Within the Post

Due to restrictions by Instagram, this feature is only available for Instagram Business accounts. If you already have a business account, you can re-authenticate your widget using the business account option.

To re-auth your widget:

  1. Ask your MembersFirst Project Manager or MembersFirst Client Services Manager to provide you with the authorization link
  2. Once received, click the link and login to your Instagram Account
  3. Once you've logged in, kindly reply back to your Project Manager or Client Services Manager letting them know so they can update the widget in the MembersFirst dashboard
  4. Your PM/CSM will login to the dashboard and click Update & Get Widget to save and push an update to the embed code on your website

Note: If you've recently upgraded your account to a Business Account, you may be required to reauthenticate your widget in order for it to show Likes/Comments.

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