How to Create a Redirect Using Site URL Mappings

Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL’s are shortened links (“aliases”) used to optimize a club’s Google search results and provide users with a easier to remember URL.

The Site URL Mappings module is used to create URL redirects. For example if you have a page on the site that you want to reference with a shorter easier to remember URL, then you can set that up here.

(Applications >> Advanced Configuration >> Site URL Mappings)

Log in to admin home
Search inside the applications box for “Site URL Mappings” (note, you can add to your quick links here)
Fill in the Source URL using the relative URL (you don’t need the domain). This is the shortened version of the URL you’re trying to create.
Fill in the Destination URL using the relative URL. This is the longer link you’re trying to shorten.
Click Create Now.
Click “Clear Cache” button on bottom right
Test your new redirect by putting the club’s domain into your browser along with the “Source URL” from step 3 above.
Your browser should now be redirected to the URL that you set in the Destination URL field