How to Create a Crossover/Double Tee Start

A double tee start, also known as a crossover,  is when groups start on Hole 1 and Hole 10 for a predetermined set of time.  

For example, you can have groups at 8AM starting on Hole 1 and groups at 8AM starting on Hole 10.  This can continue until the groups who started on Hole 1 reach the 9th hole, as they will then need to tee off on Hole 10, usually 2 hours after they teed off Hole 1.  

To accommodate the ‘crossover’ of the groups from the front 9 to the back 9, and vice versa, you need to also close the tee sheet for the same predetermined time. 
After logging into the admin site of tee times, click on Create Block button. img 
Set the parameters of the block listed on left side. The Earliest Tee Time and Latest Tee Time are the times on the tee sheet the double tee takes place. If you have multiple courses at your club, be sure to check off which course(s) the double tee block belongs to. In the lower left corner, set Start Type to Special Start. Next add the number of groups going off Hole 1 and Hole 10 img 

If members are signing up for this crossover, activate the event sign-up on the Event Lottery tab.

  1. Select ‘Run Block as Event/Lottery’
  2. Select ‘Run Block as Event’
  3. Select ’Basic Lottery’, if an option. (Only clubs using Enhanced Lotteries will have the option to select between Enhanced Lottery and Basic Lottery)
  4. Check off ‘Event Sign up ( Members don't select times )
Set any other restrictions or settings on the block, if necessary, and click on ‘Submit’ in the lower left corner to save.  
Create a 2nd block to account for the crossover time.

Block typically mimics the predetermined time used in the 1st block that sets up the double tee and starts immediately following it.  Set block start type to ‘No Bookings’.

Tee sheet will end up looking similar to this.

One block has groups going off Hole 1 and Hole 10 and a 2nd block immediately following it that prevents any tee times from being made allows for the players crossing over from Hole 9 to Hole 10, and Hole 18 to Hole 1.