Flex App Control Panel

With the new Flex Mobile app, administrators now have the ability to make certain changes to the app.

To access the Control Panel - from the admin side go to the Applications box. There will now be a new section called-

Mobile App > Flex app Control Panel

Navigation Tab 

Within the Navigation tab, you can update and arrange your Reservations Hub Quick Links on the fly. Use the drag and drop feature to organize your Quick Links in the order you would like them to appear within the app. By clicking the edit (pencil icon), you can update the link title, icon, where it directs to, and its active/inactive status. At the end of the quick links list, you can click the plus symbol (+) to add a new quick link.  img

To add a new quick link, click on the Add New Quick Link + button. You will see a pop-up box with the following information to fill out:

Display Name
Display Icon
Active? (default selected)
Open New Tab?

Display Icon - type in a category - you will see a preview list of the possible icons. Once you have selected your icon from the list - the icon will be displayed on the right side of the field.   img
URL - There are two options for the URL address field -
First option is simply to paste in your URL address.

The second option is the plus sign (+) at the end of the url address field. By clicking (+) the system will provide you with options for all of your reservations - Tee Times, Reservations & Bookings. 
To link to one of the modules, click on the plus sign (+)img 
A new dropdown menu will appear below the url address field. Click on the dropdown menu and select your item from the list. img 
Next is the Open New Tab check box. This item is optional. Then click on Save. img 
Your new quick link is now added to the Hub list. You have the option to rearrange the quick links by simply dragging & dropping an item. How they are displayed in the Navigations tab is how the quick links are displayed on the app. img 
Below the Reservations Hub Quick Links, you can update your customizable footer item. Within the footer menu of the app, there are five links: Home, Reservations (by default), Profile, Calendar and Menu.

The “Reservations” item is customizable. By default, the title is Reservations, the icon is a concierge bell and it points to the Reservations Hub. By using the settings in the Control Panel, you can update the title, icon and where this points to. (Ex. If your club only takes Dining Reservations and does not use any other reservation systems, you can point this footer link directly to your Dining Reservations platform.)

Design Tab

The Design tab allows you to update your mobile app primary and secondary colors, your login page logo, homepage logo, and home page background image.  img
Mobile App Logo - Login  img 
Mobile App Logo - Default img 

Mobile App Background Image

Please note that the homepage background image will always have a blur applied to it for accessibility.

Mobile App Primary Color img
Mobile App Secondary Color  img

Settings Tab

Within the Settings tab you can select one of the app areas from the dropdown and update the settings for each respective area. img  

Home Page - Within the Home Page tab, you can drag and drop your three menu items (My Reservations, Today’s Events, Highlights) to indicate which order you would like them to appear in (left to right).

You now have the ability to add a customized message when there are no active items within one of these three areas.

To add a message, click on “Edit Message” on any of the three headings. Add in your message and click Save. Then make sure to click on the Save button on the top right.
A default message will appear if a custom one is not configured. These messages will also apply to section pages (if utilized) throughout the app. img 

Profile Page - You now have the ability to add or remove the following options.

  • Barcode - You can switch the default barcode, to a QR Code.
  • You can hide related members on the Profile view 
  • You can hide the Related Member Title 
  • Barcode Page - you can:
    • Show User Effective Date (Member Since)
    • Show Member Type
    • Show Member Group
    • Show the Club Logo (top left)
  • You can update the Member Activities heading 
Member Directory - you can enable the Search by Letter Block img 

Calendar - You now have the ability to update certain options for the Calendar:

  • List View - you can enable the option to only show future events in List View
  • Enable New Events on App by Default - when this option is enabled, the checkbox “Show on Mobile App Home Page and Calendar” will be ON by default when creating a new calendar event.
  • You now have the ability to change the calendar default view from Monthly to List View
  • Calendar Filter - you can now hide;
    • Category Filter
    • Category Group Filter
    • Event Type

Note: If all 3 filter options are checked off, the Filter icon on the calendar will disappear. 

  • You can hide image when viewing calendar event details

Note: When enabled, if an image is selected on the “Image Tab”, the mobile app will suppress the image if there is Full Page Text.  

  • You can update the Calendar page heading. (Default heading is Calendar) 
Library Documents - you can update the heading of the Library Documents page (Default name is Library Documents). img 
Image Albums - you can hide the filenames in the Image Album img 
Homepage Quick Links
Please note that these quick links are not editable by the Control Panel. Please contact your Client Services Manager to adjust these buttons. 

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