Flex App Section Page Layout

The section page layout can be utilized for clients who wish to display the inserts and events tied to a specific section page on their website, through the app. img

Navigation: Main Menu and Footer

The main menu area allows for two-level navigation. If a navigation item is assigned subgroups (i.e. children), the parent item will no longer function as a link, but as a dropdown. This allows clients to utilize grouping within their main navigation.

  • Highlights tab can not be hidden.
  • Today's Events tab will disappear if there are no events for that day.
  • The background for this page is determined by the club’s primary app color (configurable via the Control Panel) and can not be customized per navigation section. This also can not be changed to an image.
  • Please Note: As this page is populated with events and inserts by navigation section, some clubs may wish to show events/inserts on their website that they do not wish to display on the app. In this case, we would recommend creating a new mobile app-specific navigation section that they can assign events/inserts to that will not impact the display of the website events/inserts.

The fixed footer menu allows easy access to highly-utilized areas of the mobile app.

  • Ergonomic: easy to reach on a handheld mobile device
  • Consistency of Experience: it appears at the bottom of every logged in area of the mobile app

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