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 How to Create Dining Block Outs & Admin Only Meal Periods


Block outs are used to prevent members from making reservations during a specific day, time, or season. It allows you to close your Clubhouse on major holidays, so members can book through event registration instead, to close on Mondays when your Clubhouse is closed during the regular season, or for the entirety of your off season. To add a block out, follow the instructions below.

Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Dining in the Applications box, then click on Dining Venues.
Locate the venue you wish to edit. In the same row, click Edit beneath the Block Out column.
Click New.
Select your venue from the Select Facility drop down list if it is not pre-selected.
Choose the duration of your block out using the Block Out Type options. You can choose from the following durations:
  • Date Range: the block out applies to the entire range. Example: the clubhouse is closed during the off season or for summer holiday.
  • Single Date: the block out applies to the selected date. Example: you are hosting a special event (e.g. Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving) and would like members to use event registrations instead.
  • Specific Weekday: the block out applies to a specific weekday during the selected date range. Example: the Clubhouse is always closed on Mondays during the regular season.
  • All Day: the block out applies every day until the blockout is deleted, usually used in conjunction with a time. Example: you need to temporarily adjust hours before returning to your regular hours.
Based on your selection, you may also have to complete date range and week day field.
(Optional) Select the times you wish to block out in the Time(s) field. Leave this area blank if you wish to block the entire day.
Enter a description for your blockout into the Comments field (e.g. Closed for the Season). This message may appear to your members, depending on your site's configuration.
Click Create Now.