How to Send a Classic Mobile App Push Notification


Push Notifications can be sent from the website if the Club has purchased the Mobile App.

Log into the "Admin Home" and click "New Message" under "Quick Links".
Enter a draft name for your message. You may want to identify the Draft by the subject of the Push Notification. Click “Create Draft”.
Select recipients.

Because the mobile app is based on a member’s Member Record in the Member Directory, you are limited to filtering based on what is available in the "Members" List.

Click “Next”.
On the “Message Type” tab, select “Mobile App Push Notification” and click “Next”.

On the “Mobile App” tab, enter the text you wish to send out to the selected members. There is a 160 character limit in this field. You may also select a category for this message. Category affects the icon that displays under “Recent Notifications” within the app.

You may copy and paste a URL into the “Content URL” field. Or you can click on “Content URL” to bring up the Content Hyperlink tool where you can choose a piece of content to link to.

Click “Next”.


The “Preview Message” tab allows you to preview the message you’re about to send out. Once happy, click “Next”.
The “Send Message” tab allows you to schedule when the Push Notification will go out. Anything set to current date/time or in the past will send out immediately. Future-dated items will send out whenever you date/time them for. Click either “Save Draft and Send” or “Send and Remove Draft” to issue the Push Notification.