How to Add a New Administrator

Log into the admin side of your site.
Click on Main Club Configuration in the Applications box, then click on Admin User Maintenance.
Click New at the top of the page.
Enter an Admin UserName and Admin Password for the administrator.
Note: The username must be unique in entire MembersFirst administration database. (e.g. jsmith is likely a taken username. Try something like jsmith_clubname instead.)
Enter the administrator's First Name and Last Name.
This information does not need to be unique.
Use the Admin Type dropdown menu to select Club Administrator.
Click Create Now.
Check the Active box.

If this admin requires access to the Member Side of the website make sure to check the box next to Allow Admin to Impersonate Club Members.
Click Save to finalize your work.

When you are ready to share these credentials with the new admin, please note that there are two ways for them to access the website:

  1. For admins with "impersonate a member" access:
    Visit the public homepage of your website, and click on the Member Login or Members link.
    Log in using your admin credentials.
    On the next screen, choose a member's name to impersonate (typically "Admin, Admin").
    Finally, on the next page, hover over the Admin link in the gray bar at the top of the page, then click Admin Home to access the admin side.
  2. For admins with back-end access only (cannot impersonate a member):
    In the URL bar, enter your club's homepage link, followed by /admin at the end.
    This will take you straight to the admin login page for your website. Example: