How to Create a Distribution Group


The Distribution Group is where the admin can choose email recipients, which include members, club personnel, admin users, marketing contacts, mailing lists as well as miscellaneous recipients.  Basically the same select criteria as the bulk email application.


To create a new group, go here:

Communications > Distribution Groups


Click NEW to add a new group

Enter the Distribution Group NameChoose the Message Category - IMPORTANT*
  • Automated Recurring Messaging Services is for the recurring message
  • Member Communication (Bulk Email) is for the bulk email application

*Please note: In order for your distribution group to be available when creating the recurring messages, the admin must select Automated Recurring Messaging Services as the group.

If the group Member Communication (Bulk Email) is selected, then this group will only be available when sending out a bulk email to the membership.

Click Create Now  img
On the General tab, click the Active checkbox  img
On the Select Recipients tab, select the recipients that should receive the recurring email.

Clicking the “down arrow” will display more options for each selection.     

When finished, click Save & Close.  img