What's new with Mobile App Flex?

MembersFirst Flex Mobile App offers a sleek, new user interface while incorporating current best practices. This version of the app is a culmination of requested enhancements from our clients, new native features keeping members within the app instead of linking to an external browser, and UI updates to bring clients the most modern mobile app experience to date.

Flex Mobile App comes in conjunction with the Flex Mobile App Control Panel, where administrative users can configure and update the app in one central location with the ability to control more settings than before.

Mobile App Member Experience (Flex Mobile App)

My Reservations

Within Flex Mobile App, the logged in user’s upcoming reservations are brought to the forefront. On the mobile app home page, a user can see their upcoming MembersFirst Event Registrations, MembersFirst Dining Reservations and MembersFirst Bookings.  img
On the mobile app Reservations Hub, the logged in user's reservations will also be brought into the “My Reservations” area:  img

Section Page Layout

The section page layout can be utilized for clients who wish to display the inserts and events tied to a specific section page on their website, through the app.


Navigation: Main Menu and Footer

The main menu area allows for two-level navigation. If a navigation item is assigned subgroups (i.e. children), the parent item will no longer function as a link, but as a dropdown. This allows clients to utilize grouping within their main navigation.  img img

The fixed footer menu allows easy access to highly-utilized areas of the mobile app. The active area fills with the client’s selected primary color.

  • Ergonomic: easy to reach on a handheld mobile device
  • Consistency of Experience: it appears at the bottom of every logged in area of the mobile app

Home Page Weather & Greeting

On the app home page, the header contains a weather widget and a timely greeting.

Timely Greeting, based on local club time:

  • “Good Morning, Holly”
    • (12:00AM–11:59AM)
  • “Good Afternoon, Holly”
    • (12:00PM–4:59PM)
  • “Good Evening, Holly”
    • (5:00PM–11:59PM)

Weather (icon and degrees Fahrenheit), based on club's location



The mobile app as a whole has been assessed for accessibility and a few key areas have been addressed:

  • The font size overall has been increased.
  • The size of the “Search by Letter” boxes within the Member Directory have been increased.
  • The size of the icons within the in-app browser have been increased.

Biometric Login

Flex Mobile App can use biometrics to authenticate user credentials within the login process. A user can quickly re-access the Mobile App after logging in successfully using their website user account and tying that login to the biometrics of their device (either Face or Touch ID.)  img img

View Full Website

Within the main menu of the app, clients can choose to have a link to “View Full Website” which will bring the user to the Member Home page of the website within the in-app browser.  img img

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