Admin User Roles

Admin User Roles allow clubs to create and manage re-usable role(s) for their admin users instead of manually creating custom users with each administrative account.


Creating Additional Admin Roles:

Navigate to Codes Maintenance on the admin side of your website:
Select Admin Roles
Create a "code" for each of the new Role Definitions you wish to create:
  1. Type in the code for this role in the "New Code" field. The code must be unique, can be alphanumeric, no spaces.
  2. Add in the Description of the role in the "New Desc" field. This is what you will see in the dropdown menu when assigning roles to admin users.

Assigning Modules and Privileges to Admin Roles:

Navigate to Admin User Maintenance. Click on any administrative user:
Click on the Security Tab:
Click on "Manage Roles" Link:
Select a Role from the Dropdown:
Select which module(s) this administrative user role should have access to:
NOTE: Various modules allow you to set whether that user can do various tasks for the module they were given access to: (i.e. create, edit, delete).

Assigning Your Admin Roles to Administrative Users:

Roles will only work for Admins that were created as an Admin with "Custom" AdminType:
Click on any "Custom" administrative user:
Click on the Security Tab:
Select the role that this administrative user should receive from the "Admin User Role" dropdown menu:
Click Save.
Your admin user now has the assigned role with the module(s) and privilege(s) defined by that role. This is seen in the "Admin Type" column of the administrative user list: