Cart Setup

To create the different cart types available to members and/or admins, hover over Setup in primary navigation and select Cart Setup from the drop down list.
Complete Cart Type and Abbreviated fields. Cart type is the name members see on the tee sheet when creating their tee time and Abbreviated is what shows up next to the member's name on the admin tee sheet. Next, check off Proshop Only, if applicable. Proshop Only are the carts that members can not select. Price and Product Code does not need to be completed. These will be set up in Pricing Profile. To finalize the cart type, click on Submit button. Your new cart type will now be listed in the Current Cart Types list.
To create your entire inventory of a cart type, click on the Inventory button next to the cart type you want to create it for listed in the Current Cart Types list. This feature is ideal for creating your entire caddie staff.

Complete the Cart # / Name field then hit the Save button. Repeat this prcoess until your entire staff or inventory is filled out.

Click here to view a full article on how to manage and use Cart Inventory.