March 2021 Release Notes

Marketing Request Forms

Ability to save images/files uploaded via Marketing Forms to respective libraries.
The auto removal of files will be implemented at somepoint later in the year. When speaking with clients, its best they save things they want kept and not rely on the files uploaded by marketing contacts to remain.

Enhanced support for SPAM verification/Captcha v3 in MRM (Marketing Forms, Public Event Registration and Message Board).
v3 is more analytics based and will not necessarily popup the image selector as it does currently.

Text Editor - Embedding Videos

There is a new video link thumbnail wizard in the text editor.

This new feature allows for pasting in a Vimeo or YouTube URL and the option to select a thumbnail from the pre-set images including a play icon. You then select your size and then there is a button to insert into the editor.


This is currently available in all Telerik Editors (Email, Calendar, etc). In the longterm, this feature will be available in other editors used in MRM (e.g. Dining Reservations, etc.).

Elavon Payments

Improved logic related to Elavon Payments that applies to Marketing Forms, Event Registration, One-off payment options, and Membership payments.