General Guests

A General Guest is an un-named guest that typically mimics the Guest Category name. This allows members the flexibility to add a guest to their tee time without naming the guest and allows the pros to ensure the guest is billed appropriately.

To create a General Guest, hover over Accounts in primary navigation and select Guests from the drop down list.

Click on the Create Account button.

Complete the Account Info fields. There is no need to complete the Contact Info fields.

When creating a General Guest that mimics a Guest Category, add the Guest Category name to the Full Name field (First & Last Name can be left blank) then set the Guest Category drop down to the same category type.

Admin/Member General Guest will add the General Guest to the Guest List, which displays on the member/admin tee sheet when a user clicks on Guest option when making a reservation. Admin Guest will only add the General Guest to the admin tee sheet, allowing only the admins to utilize it in a tee time. If you leave both of these options un-checked, then assign a member name below in Assignments, that guest will always be tied to that member when they log in. For the purposes of a General Guest this latter option is not recommended. You will want to either select Admin/Member General Guest or Admin Guest.