How to Add Dining Menus

Dining Menus can be added to venues and meal periods so members can see the menu at a glance whilst making reservations.

Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Dining in the Applications box, then click on Dining Venues.
Locate the venue you wish to edit. In the same row, click Edit beneath the Menus column.
Click New.
Select your venue from the Select Venue drop down list if it is not pre-selected.
Enter a name for your menu (e.g. breakfast buffet, lunch specials, dinner a la carte, etc.) into the Menu Name field.
Select the meal type that best applies to your menu in the Menu Type field.
Click Create Now.
(Optional) On the Full Page Text tab, use the editor to copy and paste your menu directly into the site and format as needed.
Note: many Clubs choose to skip this step and upload a PDF of their menu instead, following the steps below.
(Optional)On the Images tab, you can select up to images from your Image Library to attach and display with your online menu (see step above).
On the File tab, locate a PDF of your menu in the File Library using the Select tool. Search for your menu within the folders and click on the file name to attach it.
Note: if your menu does not appear, follow the instructions in this guide to upload the PDF to your File Library.
If meal periods are configured, click on the Meal Periods tab and flag the meal periods to which your menu applies.
Click Save & Close.