How to Copy a Meal Period

Copy meal periods to quickly adjust dining hours for a temporary closure or change in hours. You can also use the copy feature to quickly copy meal periods from one venue to the next.

Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Dining in the Applications box, then click on Dining Venues.
Locate the venue you wish to edit. In the same row, click Edit beneath the Meal Periods column.
Locate the meal period you wish to copy and click Copy.
In the box that appears, choose whether or not the new meal period should be admin only or apply only to today by flagging the appropriate check boxes:
  • Make this an admin only meal period: hides the new meal period from members and only allows staff to make reservations through the admin site.
  • Make this apply to today only using seasonal dates: makes the new meal period effective for today only.
Click Yes. This creates a new copy of the selected meal period.
Adjust the new meal period as needed by following the instructions in this guide.
When you are done editing the new meal period, click Save & Close.