How To Create and Populate A League

A league is a tool to organize members into a group, which can then be used to establish league play only on the tee sheet.

Click here to review how to set up a block for league play only.

To create a League, hover over Accounts in primary navigation and select Leagues from the drop down list. img  

Click on the Create League button.

Any existing league or group will be listed as well with their total membership.

Select the Edit button to updated the league/group name as well as to view each member in the league/group.

Add the league or group name. Select Save img 

Once the league is established you can add members to it by navigation to member profiles in the roster.

Go to Accounts > Members. Find a member profile you wish to add and edit the profile.


 Scroll to the bottom of the member profile to the Memberships section.

Check off any league/group this member belongs to then select Submit to save.


Once your leagues are populated with members, you can use a block to restrict play on the tee sheet to specific leagues/groups only.

Click here to review how to set up blocks for league play only.