How To Create a New MF Tee Times Admin Profile

The steps listed below pertain to creating brand new admin profiles.

Step 1

Log into the admin tee sheet

Step 2

Go to Accounts > Admin Accounts


Step 3

Select ‘Create Account’ at top of page


Step 4

On the admin profile page, set the following:

  1. Username and email address for the new administrator. 
  2. Check off appropriate admin tee sheet permissions 
  3. Ensure that ‘Send create/reset password email’ is checked off
  4. Click ‘Submit’ to save the admin profile and send the create/reset password email to the new administrator


Step 5

Upon submitting the new admin profile, the user will be redirected back to the Admin Accounts page and, simultaneously, the create/reset password email is delivered to the new administrator’s inbox.

Instruct the new administrator to go to their inbox, look for the email. Please remind the new administrator to check their spam if they don’t see it in the inbox.


Step 6

The new administrator must open the email and select the ‘Click to reset password’ link within the body of the email. 

The reset password link is valid for six (6) hours. It also deactivates once you successfully change your password through it.


Step 7

The new administrator creates a new password on the ‘Create Your Password’ page. Passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least eight (8) characters long
  • Include one (1) capital letter
  • Include one (1) lowercase letter
  • Include one (1) number (0-9)
  • Include one (1) special character
  • Cannot contain spaces


Step 8

A successfully saved password will display a confirmation message. The new administrator can now click on ‘Go to login page’ to access the main admin tee sheet login page. 


Please be sure to share the username with the new administrator because it is required on the admin login page.