How to Create Dining Hours

Dining Hours allow you to set the hours of operation for your venue. This is the total hours the venue is open, not the hours allowed for making reservations.

Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Dining in the Applications box, then click on Dining Venues.
Locate the venue you wish to edit. In the same row, click Edit beneath the Dining Hours column.
Click New.
Select your venue from the Select Venue drop down list if it is not pre-selected.
Note: if your venue is not listed, edit the venue and enable Use Advanced Hours on the Descriptions tab.
Enter a description (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) into the Description field.
Select the venue's opening time from the Start Time drop down list.
Select the venue's closing time from the End Time drop down list.
Note: this indiciates when your venue closes, not your last reservation time slot.
Select the days of the week that your venue is open and available for reservations at the times selected in previous steps.
If your venue's hours are seasonal, set the season using the Season Start and Season End fields. The hours will not apply outside of the season and your venue will appear closed if no other hours are defined.
Click Create Now.
Repeat the above steps for as many hours and seasons are needed.