How to Import Calendar Events

From the Admin Home page, click on the Club Calendar of Events found under the Club Content section.
Click on Related at the top of the Club Calendar of Events page.
Click on Calendar Import
This page is where the admin will upload the file. Prior to uploading the file, the admin must compile all the calendar events into a CSV file.

The Field Mappings Section includes all the fields that can be updated upon upload. Depending on the type of event, certain fields will be required. At the very least, all events must include the following fields - Event Description (Title), Start Date, Security Access, and Registration Type.

For the Security Access and Registration Type, when hovering over the “i” icon, make sure to input the correct code that relates to the event. For example, under Registration Type, 0 = No Registration and 1 = Registration Required.
Once the CSV file has been populated, the Record Position on the website corresponds to the column in CSV. For example, Column A = 1 (Record Position). Make sure to save te file as either a CSV or TAB file.
Select the file to be uploaded and then click Import.
If the file is accepted, the first record will be shown. If the data looks correct, click the link for Click Here for Final Processing.
Once completed, the admin can view the imported events, otherwise click to continue, thus completing the import.

Important items to note: Once the events have been imported, the administrator can update the event details anytime thereafter. Depending on the website calendar setup, this would include choosing the event category and/or navigation sections, event description, etc..