How to Make a Lottery Entry on the Member Tee Sheet

The following steps outline how to make and submit a lottery entry on the member tee sheet.

Step 1: Select Desired Course

Access the member tee sheet from the member website. 

If your club has multiple courses available to play, select the course you prefer to play and would like to view upcoming lotteries on.


Step 2: Select Desired Date of Play

On the three-month calendar at the top of the tee sheet, select your desired date of play. 


Step 3: Entering Into A Lottery

Once you have selected your desired date of play you will then reach the option of creating a lottery entry for that selected date if you are within the advanced booking window allowed for your member category. This is denoted by the Create Entry button.

  1. Create Entry - select to create your entry for the lottery.
  2. View Today's Entries - select to see other members' entries
  3. Tee Times - depending on how your club's golf staff sets up the tee sheet, you may have a mix of regular tee times and lotteries on a single day. To make a regular tee time, select the desired tee time you'd like to play.


If you are outside of your advanced booking window set by the club or if you are restricted in some other way from creating an entry for the lottery, you simply will not see the Create Entry button as an option.


Step 4: Create Your Lottery Entry   

As the booking member, your name is already included in the Reservation Details, so it is only required to add any additional members or guests that need to be included on your lottery entry.


Use the Add a Player option at the top of the page to add the desired number of additional members or guests to your group.

  1. To add a member, use the search field to search the member's name. Members option is active by default and highlighted with the darker background.
  2. Search results will display as you type. The more letters you include the more accurate the results.
    To add a member click on the + icon next to member's name. The name is now included in the Reservation Details section.
  3. To add a guest, select Guests. Use the search field to search guest profiles. Any guest profile you have previously created will be listed by default without needing to search for it.

  4. All players added to your group are now listed in the Reservation Detail section, where you have the option of selecting the number of holes to play and the mode of transportation. Click continue to advance to set your time preferences.

Step 5: Set Your Time Preferences


Using the Desired Time, Earliest Time, and Latest Time drop-downs, select your time preferences based on your schedule and availability. Being entered into the lottery does not guarantee you an exact tee time. This allows the lottery to plug you into a tee time that most suits your schedule.

For multi-course clubs, if you do not wish to have your entry considered on a particular course, click Remove Course.

Use the blue up/down arrows to set your course preference.

For groups larger than 4+ players, check off Break the Link to allow the group to be split on Holes 1 and Holes 10 for a Crossover.

Step 6: Lottery Entry Confirmation

Once your time preferences have been decided click continue and you will be redirected back to the tee sheet where you will see your lottery entry details. Please note, this is not a confirmation of a tee time, but rather a confirmation that you submitted a successful lottery entry. 

As the booking member who created the entry, you are able to modify or cancel the entire group until entry submission period ends, as determined by the club.