How To Make a Tee Time on Mobile Tee Sheet

The following steps outline how to make and submit a tee time on the mobile tee sheet.

Step 1

Log into the mobile app. 

On the mobile app homepage, click on the ‘Tee Time’ quick link. This quick link only displays if the club adds it as a quick link.


If there is no Tee Times quick link, click on the hamburger navigation in the upper left corner to expand the mobile app navigation.


Navigate to the Tee Times option and select it.




Step 2

If your club has multiple courses, select the course you want to play. 


Step 3

Upon course selection, the tee sheet will load the current day’s tee sheet for that specific course.
The top portion of the tee sheet displays:

  1. Course Navigator - select course to load and view the tee sheet of that specific course
  2. Monthly Calendar - defaults to current day highlighted by blue square. To view the tee sheet on a  different date, select the date on the calendar
  3. Month/Year Changer - to view another month or year, use the Month and/or Year drop down menu to change to that month/year. Select ‘Go’ to load.


Step 4

Scroll down the page to view the available tee times for the selected date.

Available tee times that are bookable are highlighted with a button. Tee times that are unavailable display as read-only (they are either in the past of the current time or the club has restricted them).

Click on tee time you wish to book. 


Step 5

Reservation Detail page loads upon selecting a tee time.

While on this page, the selected tee time is locked for a designated amount of time set by the club and no other member can access the tee time.

At the top of the Reservation Detail page, use “Add a Player” to build out your group. Use the type ahead search field to search the member or guest database.

Within the “Reservation Details”, use the drop down menu to set #of Holes to play, Cart Type, and Responsibility Of. On the latter option, Responsibility Of, any guest added to the reservation will automatically be applied to the booking member. If a guest added is tied to another member in the group, use Responsibility Of to switch to that member. 


To add another member or a guest to the reservation, select the ‘Select Player Type’ drop down menu to display the player options (Members, Guest, Groups, Buddies, Leagues).


After selecting the type of player to add, use the Search field to search for members/guests. As you type in the name, results will appear below the search box.


Click on + icon to the left of the name to add said player to your reservation. Icon turns into a - icon and player is now listed in the Reservation Details.


Below the named players in the reservation are four additional options tied to creating your group:

  1. Hold - select to add a Hold/TBD into the Reservation Details. This is an unnamed player and per the club’s policies, Holds/TBDs can drop from your tee time at a designated time prior to the tee time if you do not replace with a named player.
  2. Join Me - option to invite other members viewing the tee sheet to play with you
  3. Remember Group - once you create your reservation use this option to save it for quick and easy loading for future tee times. 
  4. Special Requests - add any special request or note associated with the tee time. This note will be visible to the golf staff on their admin tee sheet. 


At the very bottom of the page, click on ‘Create Reservation’ to submit your tee time.


Step 6

Upon submitting your tee time, the tee sheet will reload back to your tee time on the tee sheet and a confirmation email is delivered to everyone in the group. Any guest in your tee time will also receive the confirmation emails as long as you provide an email address in the guest profile. 

Viewing the tee sheet in portrait mode (or vertically) will display player silhouettes. 


Viewing the tee sheet in landscape mode (or horizontally) displays the names of all players in the group.


As the booking member, you have the option to manage everyone in the group, but your playing partners, if they are members, only have the option to manage themselves, as denoted by the red x icon. In this screenshot, I am the booking member so I can manage both players.

Clicking on the red x icon will remove the single player tied to it. Clicking on the trash can icon deletes the entire tee time.

You have two options to  edit an existing tee time:

  1. Click on the tee time button of your tee time on the tee sheet  
  2. Click on  ‘My Tee Times’ from the hamburger menu at top of page

Then select ‘Change’