How to Manage Hours & Availability

A central component to any facility or restaurant is the hours of operation.   More importantly, when online reservations are available during those hours of operation.  

Below are a few simple steps to help ensure that the hours of operation are set as well as understand a few ways to alter the "available" registration times.

Note: This article applies to our standard dining platform, also known as Club Facility Reservations. For our enhanced dining platform, please view our Getting Started guide instead.

First, the Club must determine the hours of operation for any Club facility whereby online reservations can be made.  Once confirmed, please add in the timeframe in the Club Facility where an online reservation can be made.
  1. Under the APPLICATIONS box, choose CLUB FACILITIES.
  2. Select the CLUB FACILITY and then click the RESERVATIONS RULES tab.
  3. On the right column, note the section for RESERVATION TIME(S) OF DAY.
  4. Enter in the hours that the facility is available for online reservations along with minute increments between each reservation and any restrictions per time slot (i.e. maximum reservation count and total head count).
  5. There are 3 BUCKETS for WEEKDAYS/DEFAULT, WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS.   If the hours vary based on those buckets, update them accordingly.
    1. Each BUCKET allows for different times throughout the day, for example, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
    2. You should enter your earliest opening time and latest closing time for the year into these fields.
    3. The times and increments will appear daily.   Fortunately, there is an option to block out reservation availability.   
  6. If any changes were made, click SAVE at the top.
  7. From the CLUB FACILITY list page, click on RELATED at the top.
  8. Find the option for AVAILABILITY under RELATED.
  9. Select the FACILITY from the drop down and click SEARCH.
    All BLOCKS that have been setup will be listed below.
  10. Click EDIT under the ACTION menu to edit an existing block.   Otherwise click NEW at the top.
  11. There are 4 ways to block out availability.   The TIME(S) can also be blocked when applicable.   
    1. Date Range
    2. Single Date
    3. Specific Weekday
    4. All Days
  12. Depending on the block, a comment can be added that will appear on the site as to why there are no reservations or availability.
  13. Click CREATE NOW.  This will create the block for the selected Club Facility.  

The AVAILABILITY option is quite useful should the club want to allow for SEASONAL reservation times, hence the reason for adding in the earliest opening / latest closing time (step 5.2).