How to Merge Event Registrations

In order to merge registrations, the calendar event must be setup using Enhanced Registrations, which allows members to register other members and or guests.

Go to Event Registrations and select the event.

Click Select under Combine Registrations.

Upon clicking Select, the admin can choose which registrations to merge

When combining registrations, there will need to be one Primary Booking Member. Therefore first select the registration(s) that will be merged to the Primary Booking Member  (the Move These column).

Then choose who that primary member will be (the column To Here). In this example, Christoper Aaron will be the Primary Booking Member.

Click Process.

The admin will be prompted to combine the registrations as well as have the option to turn off email notifications to other members / guests in the party.

Please note that once the registration is combined, this cannot be undone.

Once the process is complete, note the combined registration and members/guest under the Primary Booking Member.

All members on the party will also receive an email notification.