How to Send Email Using Email Tee Sheet Option

Email Tee Sheet functionality allows club admins to create custom emails on the fly targeting custom segments of members and guests in existing tee time reservations and tournament blocks. Admins can target specific player names, tee times, courses (if multiple courses) or block names.

To activate the Email Tee Sheet feature, please contact [email protected].

Once Email Tee Sheet is activated, admin users can access the feature in the Actions drop down located in the upper right header area. img  

Selecting Email Tee Sheet from the Actions drop down will pop a modal that contains all players on the tee sheet for that given day.

How To Use:

  1. Search Field - Use Search field to target specific names, tee times, courses or tournament blocks
  2. Envelope Icon - Select the Envelope icon to select all players at once or select individual rows/ players by checking off the box.
    • Only players (members/guests) with email address in their profile can be selected
    • Those players with no box next to name indicates they do not have an email address in profile
  3. Order by Time, Course, Block
    • Use up/down arrows at top of each column to order ascending/descending order
  4. Subject Field - Add Email Subject to display in user's inbox
  5. Editor - Use editor to create a custom email including images and hyperlinks
  6. Send Emails - When ready to send the email you've created, select Send Emails, and the message will be delivered to all players who are checked off.

In addition to Email Tee Sheet option, clubs can continue to use Bulk Messages in MRM to target members on the tee sheet for email communications and mobile app notifications.

Access to Bulk Messages is found in Custom > Email Tee Sheet.