How to Set Usage Restrictions in MF Bookings

Usage restrictions can be used to limit the number of reservations a member may make in any given period of time. Restrictions can be stacked to ensure members follow specific booking procedures, such as only allowing members to book 3 reservations per week, but only 1 reservation per day.

In MF Bookings, click Admin and then Global Settings
Under Usage Restrictions, click the Add New Usage Restriction button.
Enter the days over which this rule applies into the Days in Window field.
Enter the maximum number of reservation a member may make during that period into the Max Reservations in Window field.
For the Reservation Count Type field, select Reservations.
Choose the Reservation Types to which this rule applies by flagging their check boxes in the Apply Rule To select field.
Click Save Changes in the Add New Usage Restriction window.
Scroll down and click Save Changes on the Global Settings page.