How to use Bulk Message Tokens

Bulk Message Tokens is a great way to personalize emails to members, club personnel, admin users, marketing contacts or mailing lists.   Club administrators can keep it simple by using the standard fields, such as the first and or last name.  Or perhaps the goal is to confirm that the information in the member's profile is up to date, and therefore can create a comprehensive email that includes the key member contact information.

PLEASE NOTE: To effectively test the email using Bulk Message Tokens, you must use a profile in the member directory when sending the email.  

When creating an email, on the HTML Email  tab, note the Click here for Bulk Message Tokens at the bottom.

Clicking the link will open to a new tab that will display all the available tokens. 

The General, Addresses, and Custom tabs reflect all the key fields in the member's profile.  

At the very bottom of the screen, the fields can be use for members, but also club personnel, admin users, marketing contacts and mailing lists.


In addition, there are tokens for viewing the email as Web Page versus in the recipients inbox.

Each field can be copied from Bulk Message Token page.
Once copied, the token(s) can be pasted into the email message.  

PLEASE NOTE:   In order to test a message being sent, the admin must send to a member profile in the directory.   At the time of send, the Bulk Message Tokens used in the email/template will pull in the member's data.  

Most, if not all clubs have an "admin" profile in the member directory, which can be used for testing.  Otherwise create a new profile and be sure to popluate the fields you wish to test.   At the time of send, make sure to only target the test member with the Bulk Message Tokens email.   

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Services Manager.