How to Use Global Templates with the EBuilder

MembersFirst has created some Global EBuilder Templates for our clubs to utilize.

You will have the ability to use the Global Template directly or copy a template to your local site by following the instructions below:

Log in to the Admin Homepage of your site and open the “Template Maintenance” application under “Communications” (optionally click “Add to Quick Links” to add this module to your quick links area)
This will display any EBuilder Templates that have been added into the system.

The view will default to the Local EBuilder Templates tab which will display any EBuilder templates that have been saved to your site.
Click on the Global EBuilder Templates tab to view our library of Global EBuilder Templates.
The Global EBuilder Templates will be displayed below.

From here, you can filter by Template Group or search.
Hovering over a Global Template will give you the option to either View or Copy the template. Clicking on the Copy button will automatically copy this template into your Local EBuilder Templates library. The copy will open for you to immediately begin working on.
Click on the View button to view the contents and layout of the Global EBuilder Template.
In order to copy the Global EBuilder Template into your Local EBuilder Template library, hover over the More button in the top-right of the page and click on Save as New.
This will automatically copy the Global EBuilder Template into your Local Template library and leave the copy open for you to work on.
The General tab will allow you to update the following:
  • Active?:
    • Check this for the template to be able to be selected when creating an email.
  • Template Name:
    • This allows you to change the Template Name in your Local EBuilder Template Library.
  • Template Code:
    • This is an optional field and allows you to add a code for the template.
  • Template Group:
    • This optional drop-down list allows you to select and assign a Template Group.
  • Template Author:
    • This optional field allows you to update the Author of the template.
  • Template Description:
    • This optional field allows you to include some text information to describe the template to other administrators.
This tab will also display the “Last Updated on:” and “Created on:” details at the bottom of the tab.
The Editor tab will allow you to make any changes to the Local EBuilder Template layout and content.
Once you are ready to save any changes to the Local EBuilder Template, you can click on the Save and Close or Save buttons at the top right of the page.
The saved Local EBuilder Template will now be located in the Local EBuilder Templates tab in Template Maintenance.