Managing Your Email, Password & Communication Preferences

When a new administrator is created, the email address is  required. This will allow for the user to reset their own password instead of relying on the Club or MembersFirst to reset. To reset, click the “I forgot my password” from the Administrative Login page and then enter the username and email address (as indicated below). The admin will receive a link to reset their password.

The password must be a minimum of 8 characters, which must include one (1) capital letter, one (1) lowercase letter and one (1) number (0-9).

The email is also required when added new administrators, as indicated on the right. 

If an existing administrator is missing their email, they will be prompted to update their address upon the next admin login.

When the new user logs into the administrative homepage, clicking on the Preferences button allows the user manage their profile.

The two notable changes on this page are the password requirements and the communication preferences. By default, all administrators are opted in to receive all communications. However can opt out at any time.