March 2022 Release Notes


Dining Meal Period Blockouts

MembersFirst has updated our Club Calendar for an even more seamless integration with Dining Reservations.

Currently, if configured, Dining Meal Periods would always display on the Club Calendar.

If the Club has an event at a particular venue, Club Administrators have the ability to add a Blockout over a given Meal Period to ensure no Club Members are able to make Reservations during these times. 

With this enhancement, the Club Calendar will check for any Dining Venue Blockouts before displaying Meal Periods to ensure accuracy. If a Blockout spans the full length of a Meal Period, the Meal Period will be hidden from the Club Calendar. For instance, if Breakfast at the Terrace Dining Room occurs daily from 5:00am to 11:30am, but the venue is blocked out for an event during those hours on Saturday, the Club Calendar will update and no longer display the regular Breakfast hours.

However, if a Blockout spans only part of a Meal Period, it will still display to the members so they are able to book the remaining available times. This will ensure an accurate display of available dining periods so members are not missing out on an opportunity to dine and the club is not missing out on potential business.

This functionality is currently available to all clients. For more information on this new update to the Club Calendar and Dining Reservation System, or anything else, please reach out to me.