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 Successfully Onboarding New Members

"This webinar helped me address our common onboarding hurdles; now I see where we've missed out! I am looking forward to starting our program."

Overview of Webinar & Resources


In 2022 we surveyed 120 membership directors.

54% did not have a formal new member onboarding program and the top challenges they faced in onboarding were:

1. Tasks are time-consuming
2. Print media can be unreliable/hard to change
3. Answering the same questions e.g. How do I pay my bill?
4. Don't have a standard/inconsistent process
5. Limited early touch points/communication

Start Evaluating Your Onboarding

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During the webinar, we covered:

  • Critical steps to member retention

  • What a program in action should do

  • How automation can help you save time

Maximize your club's success by onboarding members with a consistent experience. Watch this webinar to see how MembersFirst can help you launch a new member onboarding program using the tools already on your website.

Setting the Onboarding Standard

Join host Denny Corby and guest Sean Bleyl of MembersFirst as they discuss the art of new member onboarding on Private Club Radio. 

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