Offline Roster Sync Tips

Instructions to add new members

Please follow the instructions below to manually add members to the website:

***Please Note: Keep the member number formatting/schema consistent to those already established in your website. If the same format/schema is not kept, these accounts will get duplicated and will not sync to the account you manually created upon reactivation.

To add a new member:

  • Go to the administration side of your website
  • Navigate to Member Directory
  • Click "New" along the top ribbon
  • Be sure to include any leading zeros your back office software may add.
  • All individuals associated with the membership should have a unique account.

In the interest of time, these are the fields we recommend inputting (all of these are on the General tab of the member profile):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Email Address (and secondary, if they have one)
  • Username
  • Member Number (needs to match your current formatting/schema)
  • Parent Number (this would be the primary member on the account's member number)
  • Member Type
  • Member Group (if applicable)
  • Member Status
  • Under Web Site Authentication: We recommend changing the username to something different then the member number. Member numbers are a form of unique identification.

***Once the roster feed starts running again, the remaining contact info data will automatically fill into the member's profile.

If you need more help, please review our step-by-step guide on manually adding new members.

Getting new members online

Once your new member’s account has been established, the members will be able to use the existing tools on the website to securely gain access.

  • Ensure your new member has their specific (website formatted) member number. All members should have a unique account to access the website.
  • Direct your new member to utilize the forgot username feature to retrieve this information
    • Member number will be needed for this function
    • Primary email address will be needed for this function
    • Please remind members to check their spam.
  • Upon retrieving their username, use the forgot password link to establish a password.
    • Username will be needed for this function
    • Primary email address will be needed for this function
    • Please remind members to check their spam.
  • Upon a successful login, members may be directed to a page that includes updating their username and password but this is optional.

Updates to existing members

For clubs utilizing a 1 way roster feed (How to Identify Roster Feed Configuration) where members have been making changes directly in the website, please ensure you are making the same changes in your back office solution. These member updates will most likely have been emailed to a staff member of the club as the member changes occurred, or are in a queue on the admin website. In most cases, the back office solution is the "system of record" and will wipe out the website information if the data does not match.

Third Party Single Sign On Tips

Once a new member has been added to the website directory, Single Sign On (SSO) can be utilized. Please log into the third party solution where your members want to connect to, and create an account for your new member on that solution. The member number must match in both solutions. For assistance specifically with Foretees, please contact your Client Services Manager.