How to Create & Manage Mailing Lists

Creating a New Mailing List Category

Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Advanced Configuration in the Applications box, then click on Codes Maintenance.
Select Mailing List Categories from the Select Code Domain drop-down menu.
All existing mailing list categories will be listed.
Enter the mailing list category code into the New Code field.
The mailing list category code is usually an abbreviation of the mailing list category name followed by the date.
Enter the mailing list category description into the New Desc field.
This is what will be displayed in the Mailing List Category selection when sending an email.
Click Add Code to create the mailing list category.
You are now ready to import a Mailing List into your new category, by following the instructions below.

Importing a Mailing List Into Your New Category

Open a spreadsheet on your computer.  
List all email email addresses in separate rows under the first column.  
Go to File > Save As.  
Save as type Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt).  
Log into Admin Home on your web site.
Click on Communications in the Applications box, then click on Mailing List Database Admin.
Click Related at the top.
Click Import List.
Click Choose File in the Upload File box.
A pop up window will appear. Find the spreadsheet you created in steps 1-4 and double click it to select it.  
In the Import File Format box, open the Field Delimiter dropdown menu and select Tab.
In the Assign Categories to all incoming Records box, open the Category #1 dropdown menu and select the Mailing List Category that you created.
In the Field Mappings: Email Fields box, open the Email Address dropdown menu and select 1.
Click Import at the top of the page.
Click OK when the confirmation pop up appears.
When the processing is complete, click Click Here to Validate.
If there are duplicate emails on the list, a message will appear similar to "There were 2 Duplicate Emails... Data must be fixed before proceeding..."
If this appears, click Click here to View Dups.
Click Remove next to each duplicate until all of the duplicates are gone.
When there are no more duplicates, the page will display "There were no Duplicates..." and you can click Click Here to Reuturn to Validate Process.
Click Click here for Final Processing.
Any invalid email addresses will be displayed on this page. The entry will be imported, but emails will not be sent to the address.
Once processing is complete, click Click here to continue. These email addresses are now saved in your Mailing List Database and can be used for future eblasts from your website.