Getting Started with Enhanced Registration

Enhanced registrations extend basic event registrations by allowing members to name members and guests on their registration. This lets you know exactly who to expect at your events, perfect for dining events, social activities, and other sports and camps. In addition, if you are using waitlists, knowing who is on each registration will allow you to prioritize appropriately (equity vs non equity, etc). Once enhanced registration is enabled by your Client Services Manager, you will be able to pick between basic and enhanced registration when creating new events. You may want to ask yourself:

When should I use enhanced registration?Any time you wish to have an attendee list or send email communication to all event participants.

When should I use basic registration? If you only need a simple headcount or if the booking member is not participating in the event, such as youth activities or junior camp, then you should use basic registration instead.

We recommend reviewing the guides below to learn how to use enhanced registration and enable other features.

  1.  How to Configure & Manage Event Registrations
  2.  How to Enable Guest Registrations
  3.  How to Enable a Waitlist