MembersFirst Bookings Tips

Some clubs are at the point of slowly reopening the doors, while others are starting to properly plan for when the time comes. One thing that is consistent: the number of online bookings has drastically increased. Online bookings have become crucial to ensuring safe distance between members while using popular resources such as gyms and pools. We want to provide you with the tools and tips needed to re-configure your MembersFirst Bookings Solution to safely accommodate the re-opening of your Club and wish you much success this summer!

Add a Message About Social Distancing

We recognize that many members will be returning to a new normal. We recommend outlining any major changes, such as limitations on headcount or mandatory buffers between reservations, in a message at the top of your reservation screen.

Note: The easiest way to incorporate cleaning into your schedule is to add a note explaining that the last 10 minutes of any reservation will be dedicated to proper sanitation, so a 60 minute reservation is 50 minutes of use + 10 minutes of cleaning. Other methods exist, but the buffer times must match your time intervals (often 15 or 30 minutes).

Update Email Templates with New Instructions

We recommend that you follow up your message by adding a similar notice to all of your email templates. Be sure to list any new hours of operation, special check-in instructions, and other guidelines to help members stay safe and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Reduce the Number of Resources Per Time Slot

Some of you may need to reduce the number of resources allowed per time slot to ensure safe distance between members and staff. This may be particularly true for those in confined spaces, such as personal trainers in a gym. If you have 8 personal trainers, but only allow 4 in the gym at any given time, we recommend setting a limit on the total resources per slot.

Set Usage Restrictions

If you need to limit the total number of reservations a member can make in any given period of time, you can do so with global usage restrictions. These restrictions can be stacked so members must follow multiple rules. For example, you can have one restriction that says “Members are allowed one reservation per day” and another restriction that says “Members are allowed three reservations per week” to limit members to 3 reservations per week, but only once per day.

Add Block Outs to Reduce Hours and Create Space

Some Clubs may be re-opening to reduced hours. If that is the case, you can create block outs to temporarily halt reservations during the times you are closed. You can also use block outs to establish buffers between reservations, such as mandatory cleanings every other hour. The drawback is that the buffer must be at least 1 time interval, which is typically 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your setup.