Common Automated Recurring Messages

Every website has the ability to configure Automated Recurring Messages, or "ARM" for short. Combined with customizable, dynamic distribution groups, ARMs allow you to automate your member communications so you can set them once and leave the rest to the system. Here are some great ways to use these tools to further enhance your organization’s communications:

Happy Birthday Messages

Probably the most common way to setup an ARM is for birthday messages. Did you know however, when paired with Distribution Groups, you can send specific messages to different membership types, genders or age groups? Go ahead and send your Social Members, who are female and over 21, a happy birthday message inviting them to the Grille Room for a complimentary glass of wine.

New Member Touchpoints

It can be a challenge making your new members feel welcome and helping them become part of your organization's culture. With ARM, you can automatically reach out after your members’ Effective Join Date via appropriately spaced emails throughout their first year of membership to enhance the experience through welcome packets, President dining invitations or other ways to help them become ingrained in your organization.

Event Reminder Notices

With today’s busy schedules it’s easy to forget, well, really anything! Using ARM to send event reminders, especially when paired with the MembersFirst Mobile App Push Notifications, is a great way to keep your members constantly reminded of upcoming events they signed up for.

Getting Feedback

We all know some people are great at giving feedback, but it can be hard getting a specific demographic group’s feedback. Through crafting a specific message and including links to our standard Marketing Request Forms and Survey tools, you have the ability to automatically request feedback after events and dining reservations.

Use it Internally

ARM can also be used to keep the staff in the loop. Send a daily message to defined staff regarding today's dining and event registrations, next week's headcounts for your big event, or what today's booking reservations look like. Sure, most staff can go into your website and look; but with ARM, it’s forcing them to look!

Interested in ARM? Click here to learn how more about them.