How to Check-in Event Attendees

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On the day of the event, club employees can easily check-in members and guests who attend the event from any tablet device. If you are using enhanced registration, employees can also make changes to the registration on the fly, changing billing items for specific individuals or the entire party if necessary. If a member or guest did not register for the event, employees can quickly add a new registration from the same screen. Managers can also clear, set, or change the billing for the entire event and close the event once to prevent further registrations, all from the Manager Functions tab.

Tip: Changes made on one tablet will automatically appear on another, so you can have multiple employees managing the check-in at an event.

Go to Applications > Billing > Event Check-in and select the name of your event from the Calendar Event drop down menu. Go to Billing Event Check-in
Locate the name of the member or guest you need to check-in. You can also use the search field to quickly find their name. Search for Members and Guests
Flag the check box beside the member’s name to check them in. You can quickly check-in an entire party by flagging the box beside the booking member’s name. If anyone from the party is not present, you can un-flag the checkbox beside their name without affecting the rest of the registration.

Note: If you need to add or remove individuals from an existing registration, click the booking member’s name to alter their registration.
Check-in Members and Guests
Confirm that the billing responsibilities are correct. If not, you can change the billing responsibility of individual member or guest by clicking the edit button beside the responsible member’s name and selecting a new member from the drop down.

Note: This feature is not available on events with basic registration.
Confirm Billing Responsibility
Confirm that the billing codes are correct. If necessary, use the drop downs to change the billing codes. Confirm Billing Codes
Repeat this process for all check-ins. Once an event has ended, click the Manager Functions tab and click Close Event. Go to Manager Functions tab and Close Event