How to Create Billing Types

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First you must create billing types for your members and guests so MRM knows who to bill. This allows you to charge a member or guest a different price depending on their member type, status, organization and/or age. We suggest keeping your billing types simple by creating one type for members and one type for guests, but you can create as many billing types as needed. Remember, you can group multiple member types and statuses together to simplify your setup.


Member types can include all members, all equity members, all social members, all golf members, etc.

Guest types can include all guests, accompanied guest, unaccompanied guest, family guest, comp guest, reciprocal guest, guest under 12 years old, etc.

Tip: Before creating your types, think about the different ways you group members together while pricing out your events. This will help you understand the different billing types you will need.

To create your billing types go to Applications > Advanced Configuration > Master Codes Maintenance and select Billing Types Members for member types or Billing Types Guest for guests types. Go to Master Codes and Select Billing Types Members or Billing Types Guests
Enter a code, description, and display sequence for your new billing type and click Add Code.

Note: the lower the display sequence, the higher the priority. If a member is included in more than one billing type, the billing type with the lowest display sequence will be applied to them.

Tip: we recommend lower display sequences for specific billing types and higher display sequences for general billing types (i.e. “Social Members” should have a lower display sequence than “All Members”)
Enter Billing Type Details
Flag the billing code as Active and choose which types, status, groups, and organizations to include in your billing code. The billing code will apply to individuals who meet all selection criteria. Once you have made your selections, click Save. Mark Active and Save